Our secret to raising delicious poultry is “Perfection”.

Sadamitsu Shokuryo Kogyo continues to foster perfection in “breed”, “quality”, and “production”, so that we can provide the most delicious poultry to all of our customers. Please allow us to explain how we achieve our flavor and quality.

  • Our Selective Breeds
  • Our Impeccable Quality
  • Impeccable Production

Our Selective Breeds

Brand name chickens are raised with care in an all-natural environment.

Starting with “Awaodori”, a chicken native to local Tokushima, Sadamitsu Shokuryo Kogyo raises “Jiyodori”, “Jiyoakadori”, and “Shikoku Takumidori” chickens. Anyone who tastes our product agrees that all of our birds have good flavor and high quality meat. For more information on the chickens we raise, please take a look at the “Secrets to Our Flavor” page.

For more details, please see the “Secrets to Our Flavor”.

Our Impeccable Quality

Our Impeccable Quality

An important part of quality is being able to give customers peace of mind.

“Safety and reliability” are big factors that people look for when it comes to food. We want to assure our customers that the utmost attention is given to all details regarding product quality.
We are proud to be able to provide all consumers with peace of mind through indispensable quality control of our processing and chilling methods.

Impeccable Production

Impeccable Production

Four important points of Sadamitsu production

  1. Breeding Environment

    We keep the chickens in a rich natural environment within the mountains of Shikoku.

  2. About “Feed Safety”

    * Under construction

  3. Domestic Feed Use

    The rice feed comes from local farmers that we have a joint cooperation with.

  4. About Special “Jiyoso” Feed

We devote ourselves to giving the best feed for the best taste.

We raise our chickens with particular attention to their nutrition. Along with a mixture of natural raw materials, feed containing “Jiyoso” as a base, we also give Awaodori chickens olive powder which intensifies their flavor.
The key to raising delicious poultry is to use the best feed for eliminating the pungency of the meat and that bring out a lustrous and resilient final product. >Jiyoudori-Kyoukai

<Jiyoso Combination Feed>
Feed containing Jiyoso is a natural feed made up of purified wood vinegar, zeolite, Japanese mugwort, and seaweed.
This feed causes alkalization in the flesh making for a healthier constitution. It also diminishes the characteristic
odor of chicken meat and gives the product a smooth, mild body.

Consideration for Animal Welfare

At Sadamitsu Shokuryo, we care about animal welfare and use the carbon dioxide stunning and killing method. Exsanguination takes place while the birds are unconscious, feeling much less pain and stress compared to the general method of electrocution and slaughter. This method also prevents the loss of glycogen within the chicken’s muscle.

<Our Impeccable Quality Control>

<Our Impeccable Quality Control>

Sadamitsu Shokuryo Kogyo is a company skilled in quality control with certification in FSSC22000. FSSC22000 is a global standard of quality control with incredibly high standards putting any corporation on a level to do business with prominent global companies. We are certified in this standard and with that, can ensure our customers’ peace of mind.

<Our Impeccable Processing>

<Our Impeccable Processing>

The birds are processed after being put to sleep with a carbon dioxide gas anesthesia. This cuts down on stress felt by the chicken compared to other processing methods and ensures a softer meat texture. As the chickens do not struggle during processing, there is less damage to the meat.

<Our Impeccable Chilling Method>

One reason responsible for our delicious poultry is our preservation method. After processing we reduce any sogginess through air refrigeration (an air chiller), instead of chilling them in cold water. This is how we seal the flavor into the meat.

The Air Chiller and Outstanding Freshness

Sadamitsu Shokuryo provides a fresher product by greatly reducing the use of water during processing and being the first in Japan to implement the use of an air chiller (air cooling method). Compared to the general practice of water-cooling (processed chicken is chilled for about an hour within a tank of ice water), our meat is less watery and maintains a higher level of freshness.

A Curing Facility for a Juicy Product

Our patented Sadamitsu original curing facility implements techniques used in Western countries that have extensive knowledge in meat processing. By curing the whole chicken in a low temperature high humidity setting, the chicken stays juicy and the meat becomes tenderer along with an increase in flavor.

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